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A new construction house is a home where you are the first person to live in it after it’s complete—but it can happen in a number of ways.

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Buy, Lease, sell with Will

Will has lived in Austin for seven years and enjoyed exploring and learning the area. He has a passion for performing improv and has been part of shows professionally since 2004. In his career, Will has not only performed but also taught his skills ranging from business specialists at every level to professional actors/actresses from big-budget films and even to plays on Broadway. During these ventures, Will also invested time in the customer service sector and has received numerous awards and congratulations on his exceptional customer interaction. Will has always felt a passion for giving back to the community, so he joined the Real Estate workforce to help everyone through the process of finding a place to call home.

Will’s passion for helping others brought him to Austin to make the home buying and selling experience as seamless and smooth as possible for his clients. He is a noteworthy resource for all things Austin. A lover of the outdoors, a frequent theater attendee, a family man and a food enthusiast, Will shall help you find a home that fits all of your lifestyle needs.

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