Wow! Leander has more potential as big projects are projected!

Leander, What potential

The potential for the area is exhilarating! I have been to Cedar Park and Leander several times with my family. During our trips, we would visit the HEB center to see several events, including Comic-con! In short, for our experience, it is always a great time and place to visit. Click on the above link to see more events you may like too. The upcoming project will likely help provide more possibilities in the area in regards to residential and commercial solutions for all of our needs! In addition, some of the parks in the area are great to explore; including Devine Lake Park and Benbrook Ranch Park. Sometimes, I will just look in the area for things to buy, sell or lease. That is to say, Real Estate in the area fascinates me.

“Northline project in Leander lands anchor tenant.” “Northline will eventually include shopping, dining, entertainment, healthcare facilities, apartments, a hotel, offices and townhomes.”

The expanded article: Click here to read more!

A rendering shows what a public park within Northline could potentially look like.
The source of the image is linked and attached. “This is rendering shows what a public park within Northline could potentially look like.”


Another article goes on to say, “Residential options within Northline include multifamily components, garden apartments and townhomes.” Click here to see the full article. To clarify, I assume altering of the timeline is in order. Having said that, to watch how this project continue it enthralls me.

What would be something you would like to see added to the area? “Parks are also incorporated throughout the proposal…” That is one thing I truly appreciate about our area, the parks! It delights me to see it continue around Austin too. Continuing to thinking forward, it enlivens me to imagine visiting the area when it is complete and see what type of fun they will have. “People from Austin can ride the MetroRail to get to entertainment at Northline”

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